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For the times where we want someone to listen and guide through the stuff we are facing, or overcome a major life setback/obstacle.

Personal ministry sessions provide a safe, systematic, and Holy Spirit Led setting with two ministers walking you through the four ministry areas covered in RTF, to bring clarity, healing, and freedom through Jesus Christ.

All sessions are strictly confidential to the individual and the 2 ministers.

Session formats:

3 hours - Specific issue

15 hours (5 x 3hr sessions) - More issues and wholistic coverage

All ministry sessions are conducted with 2 ministers, and you as an individual.

For Married couple sessions, there will be an additional couple session before and after the individual sessions.

Process to ministry:

1. Fill in the request form below.

2. We will contact you within a week to provide more details and arrange for a session.

3. Come to our Ministry Centre or connect Online as arranged to begin the ministry session.

Personal Ministry Request Form

Thanks for submitting!

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