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The very same principles at work in our personal lives, can also translate into a business or organisational setting, to deal with constant recurring issues or dynamics.

This ministry deals with the issues that hinder your organization’s purpose by addressing the negative spiritual roots behind the issues.

A company (or church) can be operating out of good moral values, have in place effective consultation and mentoring, and even good communications skills, but still face serious limitations because of the negative spiritual roots present.

An organization’s spiritual roots include elements of its history, the spiritual influences (principalities) over your location, the (negative) cultural beliefs and business operations, and blows/hurts occurring both from the inside and outside world.

If your organization is experiencing under-achievement of goals, rapid staff turnovers, stagnation, or high levels of tension among the core team, this ministry will be effective in eliminating the negative spiritual roots.

Who Is This For?


Any organization can benefit from this.

Organizations with Christian leadership will most easily see and understand the spiritual roots addressed in this session.

Smaller businesses may be the most radically changed, but several Christian organizations with thousands of members have also experienced financial turn arounds.


Addressing spiritual roots is particularly helpful when organizational leaders have attempted to solve problems using several different approaches but still do not see the desired results.

How Will My Organization Benefit From This?

As a leader of an organization, you have the unique advantage because you are very familiar with your staff, know all aspects of your company, and work with a quicker decision-making process, you can effectively and rapidly apply the ministry.

We have seen businesses find new life and vision, eliminate tensions among staff, decrease turnover, and reposition with increased productivity and profitability.  It is an exciting and amazing adventure.

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